Sunday, May 24, 2015

Long time no blog!

I have not checked in with my blog lately if you can't tell.  Part of the reason is that I am not sure if there is anyone reading it!  If you are interested in hearing more, please be sure to comment.
Right now, I am impatiently waiting for better weather to make beads.  I cannot use my oxygen sources without damaging them due to the extreme humidity lately.  I have checked into purchasing a used dehumidifier, but think everyone is in need also because of the weather.  In the mean time, I have been experimenting here and there and trying to get motivation up to make other jewelry.  Here is one of my latest designs for wire earrings.
If you follow me, you know that I make several different styles of wire earrings.  I love to incorporate spirals as much as I can because I feel a connection to the spiral.    I have these currently listed on Etsy -
Many of my other wire earrings are listed on my web site -
As for other goodies, I have been pretty lucky.  I sell many of my new earrings quite quickly.  That being said, if there is something you see that you like, please let me know as I pretty much make one-of-a-kind pieces.  Here is a couple of pieces not listed yet -

In my next blog, I will discuss Etsy.  Please keep watch for the latest.  If you find my blog interesting, please let me know so that I will continue.  Thanks so much for looking!

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