Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Christmas - Conscious Shopping

Christmas is fast approaching!  Are you ready for some holidays???

Okay, so I was in a retail store the other day and I am really starting to dislike the whole  retail, mass produced thing.  I have blogged on this subject before, but really feel it needs to be brought up again.  So sorry if I hurt people's feeling, but we really need to see for ourselves what is happening.

Have you really considered your retail store and where the merchandise is coming from?????  Think about our country and what is happening here.  Are you happy with the economy??  Well by shopping at these retail stores,  you are supporting other countries.  Yes we have the employees here, but all the goods come from other countries.  Do you like how these items are made?  Have you noticed that most of these items fall apart or don't last very long?

I am not going to rant on an on about this, but just offer a simple idea.  Be a conscious shopper and try your darndest to buy locally or at least made in the USA.  There are plenty of talented Americans who make quality goods.

That's it - no wait, one more thing.  Spend quality time with your family, too. ;)